Should the Patriots trade for Kyle van Noy?

I know, you can ask now, how could the Patriots trade for van Noy, when he will be released? We saw several times, that before the official release another team offered a later round pick for the player and the player wasn’t released but traded. Would it be a wise move from the Pats?

If we check what van Noy could bring to the team, then yes it would be a wise move. Between 2017-2019 he made in sum 160.5 disruption (sack, QB hit, pressures). With this he was every year in top3 within the team. He can play inside, outside, off the line and on the line. Belichcik used him always in very different ways. He and Hightower would give the team great boosts and two leaders for the young LB group.

But what about financially? This aspect is very different. Let’s see the details of van Noy’s original number in Miami:

Ok, that is one thing, but not every money will go to the new team:

These numbers come from the best of the bests, in case we are talking about cap related questions. Thank you @patscap for the detailed information.

With this numbers I would be very surprised if Kyle van Noy would be traded to the Pats. He is a good player, but that almost $12M per year salary is too much. From his 2021 money, $12.5M would be fully guaranteed on March 19th. In 2022 the fully guaranteed part would be only $2.5M and no guaranteed in 2023 (again, thank you Miguel).

So let’s see when Miami will release him and what will be his asking price. I really would love to have him back. He would solidify the group with the possible Hightower return the group would be very strong again. And with this move there won’t be any immediate need to draft early another, young LB and the team could concentrate on other positions.

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