Different scenarios for the 1st round of the draft

In less than two weeks this year’s draft is here. Making mock drafts is a daily routine for many people nowadays and everyone wants to know who will be the Nr.2, Nr.3, etc pick. The Nr.1 pick is literally 100% sure, if the Jaguars won’t pick Trevor Lawrence, that would be the biggest surprise of the last few years.

Most of the people say, Zack Wilson will be the Jets‘ pick, but I would rather wait a littlebit, because we don’t really know how teams are thinking. With the 3rd pick, the situation is the same. San Francisco traded 3 first round picks to land there and many suggest they will take Mac Jones, over Fields. In some mocks I already saw Trey Lance as Nr.3, which is unbelievable for me, but please, feel free.

I thought I will put together a list about my favourite/wish picks for the Patriots in different scenarios. It will be only for the first round, but hey, this year we might see a massive trade up from Belichick or even not. Watchig the first round of the draft as a Patriots fan, is like a lottery, you never know which number will be pulled. This year I am so sure, the Pats will take a QB. Why? We still have a problem there. Cam is only on a one year contract, Stidham didn’t show anything promising. Additionally, there are 76 players on the roster now. The Pats signs usually 10-12 UDFA, so we won’t have enough roster spots for every selection if the team stays at the number of picks it has at the moment. I can even see the scenario, where the team picks twice in the first round. Let’s start.

Big trade up to #4-#5 – Justin Fields, QB, Ohio State: As I already wrote in my previous articles, for me, he is the Nr.2 QB this year. He would form an exciting duo with Newton and would be able to learn from him a lot. I like his playing style a lot and regarding his playing speed, I would mention one opinion again. Few weeks ago, there was a report from someone from the Ohio State team, about Fields‘ release time. He told, that Ohio State had lot of option routes and this was the reason of Fields‘ longer release time. He was waiting on the teammates to see which route they will run. If this is true, than the biggest concern is gone and we get an NFL ready player.

Smaller trade up to #7-#8 – Mac Jones, QB, Alabama: Again, as I already wrote about it, he is my favourite QB this year, a very good fit for the Patriots. He is not the biggest, not the fastest, he won’t win games with his feet, but you will get a QB who delivers the balls very effective, who will be able to throw balls into tight windows, who has high football-IQ. Timing, reading and completion percentage is very important in the Patriots system and he can give you those.

No trade up, QB on the board, #15 – Trey Lance, QB, NDSU: This is the right value for Lance, in my opinion. I know he has very high ceiling, but still he is risky. What if, he wouldn’t live up with the expectations? Then, the team just lost several higher picks on the trade up. Yes, those could happen with every prospect, but I see Lance as the riskiest top-QB. If he can bring his FCS success to the NFL level, he could be a steal, he has good arms, good completion percentage and he can run.

No trade up, QBs gone, #15 – Jaycee Horn, CB, South Carolina: I took him, because I guess, Patrick Surtain will be the first corner taken, so I would have the second best in this group. Horn is a fast, relative long corner, who can fit into Patriots man-coverage system. He was often playing without help in the college. Good against the run and willing to attack the ball carrier. Corner is a mid-, long-term need for the team, because we don’t know what will happen with Gilmore and Jackson. Selecting one of the best in the class would be a wise move.

Small trade down to #19-#20 – Trevon Moehrig, S, TCU: Just like the Horn pick above, this is for the future as well. Dugger could be a cornerstone for the future at one safety position and Moehrig would come to try to replace McCourty next year, if the veteran leader leaves the team. The young safety was the best on his position in 2020 and got the Jim Thorpe Award. On paper, he is not so fast, than Devin McCourty (4.50 vs 4.41), but he has a very good range from center field. He started every game during his last 2 years and has special team value as well.

Bigger trade down to #28-#29 – Zaven Collins, LB, Tulsa: I am a big fan of Collins since I saw some films about him, start of this year. He could be the next Hightower for the Pats defense. Ok, maybe this is a strong statement from me, but I see lot of potential in this kid. He is taller (6‘4 vs 6‘2) and lighter a bit (259 vs 265) than Hightower and he can play in many different roles. Can play in the middle, outside and in passing situation he can rush the passer as well. He would have time to learn behind Hightower, van Noy and Judon.

Please leave a comment with your wish picks in my scenarios, I would love to see what you are thinking. Thank you for your time and support.

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