Roster moves March 12th

Yesterday the Patriots made two very important personal moves. First, they signed Cam Newton for one more year, then shortly after, they signed Justin Bethel for 3 more years. Cam Newton: As Evan Lazar reported, the Patriots asked the 49ers front office about Jimmy G, but they didn’t want to trade him or just laterContinue reading “Roster moves March 12th”

Should the Patriots trade for Kyle van Noy?

I know, you can ask now, how could the Patriots trade for van Noy, when he will be released? We saw several times, that before the official release another team offered a later round pick for the player and the player wasn’t released but traded. Would it be a wise move from the Pats? IfContinue reading “Should the Patriots trade for Kyle van Noy?”

Rookie QBs of 2021 (little different), Part 2

Mac Jones, Alabama Numbers: Jones has only one full year (2020) of starting experience plus 4 games in 2019 as starter, which makes a total of 17 games as the leader of the Crimson Tide. During his two last years his yards/attempts were over 10 yards and the average completion percentage was 73,1%, which isContinue reading “Rookie QBs of 2021 (little different), Part 2”

Rookie QBs of 2021 (little different), Part 1

Free agency and Draft are closer every day and we get tons of analyses, opinions about prospects of the coming Draft. Positional rankings, scouting infos, pros and cons. I love to read them, because I want to know as much as I can about the guys who could be the new members of my favouriteContinue reading “Rookie QBs of 2021 (little different), Part 1”

Playing a GM – Patriots offseason moves 2021

First time in the last decade the Patriots didn`t get into the playoffs. Ok, it is what it is. We didn’t have Brady, we had league high opt-outs before the season, we lost some key players in FA and we had some additional injuries. The team has problems on both sides of the line ofContinue reading “Playing a GM – Patriots offseason moves 2021”