Rookie QBs of 2021 (little different), Part 2

Mac Jones, Alabama Numbers: Jones has only one full year (2020) of starting experience plus 4 games in 2019 as starter, which makes a total of 17 games as the leader of the Crimson Tide. During his two last years his yards/attempts were over 10 yards and the average completion percentage was 73,1%, which isContinue reading “Rookie QBs of 2021 (little different), Part 2”

Rookie QBs of 2021 (little different), Part 1

Free agency and Draft are closer every day and we get tons of analyses, opinions about prospects of the coming Draft. Positional rankings, scouting infos, pros and cons. I love to read them, because I want to know as much as I can about the guys who could be the new members of my favouriteContinue reading “Rookie QBs of 2021 (little different), Part 1”

Playing a GM – Patriots offseason moves 2021

First time in the last decade the Patriots didn`t get into the playoffs. Ok, it is what it is. We didn’t have Brady, we had league high opt-outs before the season, we lost some key players in FA and we had some additional injuries. The team has problems on both sides of the line ofContinue reading “Playing a GM – Patriots offseason moves 2021”